Welcome to Japanese Doll's shop HIROTAYA

Introducthon of Hirotaya

◎ Hirotaya is the biggest shop of Traditional Japanese Dolls in Kounosu city, Saitama Prefecture.

◎ You can enjoy admiring various kinds of Dolls in the wide shop.(about 750 sqm.)

◎ we don't attach any Assurance or Insurance to the Dolls, because they were given birth to by heartful efforts of the Skillful craftmen of ourshop.
They are naturally assured as long as they exist. If anything wrong happen to the Dolls, we mend with only the cost of materials for mending. The price is reasonable,because they are made in our factoy and are sold directly to customers.

◎ We can show you the only one Doll that exists in the world,(it is called in Japanese"ippin mono")

◎ You can ask any questions about the Dolls to the clarks and the craftmen who have got specialized knowledge on Dolls.

◎ Our shop is opened every day (except Monday )open 9:00, Closed 18:00

◎ Following Credit cards are available: AMEX,Diners,Master,VISA, UC, DC, MC,JCB,Sentral,Nippon−Shimpan(Nicos)

◎Big Parking lot is prepared.(capacity 50 vchicleres)

president TOJIRO SAITO


U.S.dollars are payable.
Exchange rate of the day is shown on the board in the Shop.

One dollar,5,10,20, 50and 100 dollars.

(The changes are paid with Japanese Yen)

Post Address   personal Zip code 365−8514

( only with this zip code,any postal mattersare delivered without the address)

Official address;    1-6-18 Doll, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture,JAPAN

Phone;-81-48−541−8888   Fax;-81-48−542−4523

   E-mail address; doll@